Flame Proof Motors

Technical Details

The motor are available from 63 to 280 frame size and in 2 pole to 16 pole design.


Foot – Horizontal B3, Vertical V5/V6
Flange – Horizontal B5, Vertical VI/V3
Face – Horizontal B14, Vertical V18/V19
Foot cum Flange B35, Foot cum Face B34.


Motors are offered with efficiency confirming to ‘Eff 2’ of IS: 12615. Motors confirming to ‘Eff 1’ can be offered. The variation in efficiency between 60% to 100% load is nominal which ensures low losses at partial loads.


Motors are suitable for 45’C ambient temperature at an altitude not exceeding 1000m above Mean Sea Level. PEW flameproof motors are suitable for temperature class T1 to T4 as per IS: 6381. Motors upto temperature class T6 can be made available.


Motors are provided with IP 55 protection as per IS: 4691. All B5 motors have oil seal at driving end.


Motors are with class ‘F’ insulation with temperature rise of class ‘B’ limits. Motors in Class H can be offered. The slot linings are either provided with double cuffing or edge binding at the slot mouth. To strengthen insulation Surge test is carried out on all windings to ensure their healthiness.


The motor are suitable for 415+10% V, 50+5%Hz. However motors suitable for operation at 110 to 650V & 25 to 75 Hz can be given.


All parts of the Flameproof enclosure are hydraulically tasted for pressure of 15 kg/cm2 as per IS: 2148 : 2004 & IEC 60079-(2001) to ensure that there is no leakage through blowholes or pinholes.


  • Sugar / Distillery / Paper & Particle Board
  • All types of I.D. & F.D. Fans, Blowers & Pumps, Centrifuges, Flame Proof application Steel/Forging/Cement Industry

Motors Suitable for Following applications

  • Roller table, Hammers/Press, Air compressors, Blowers, Ball Mill, Crushers, Hot dryers, Heavy duty conveyors.
  • Roller table motors suitable for higher degree ambient temperature a high pull out torque.
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Motors Suitable for Following applications

  • Agitators, Mixers, Pumps, Reactors, Condensers
  • Motors for hazardous areas(i.e. Flame proof a Increased safety)
  • Motors available in foot cum flange (B35) a flange (B5) versions
    Material Handing

Motors Suitable for Following applications

  • Conveyers, Cranes a Hoists
  • Specialty – Motorised gear unit for heavy duty application Squirrel cage motors with double shaft extension in foot cum flange (B35) a flange (B5) versions.
  • Solvent Plants, Flour Mills, Food Processing, Diary, Cattle Feed Industries & Others

Motors Suitable for Following applications

Expellers, Jaw crushers, Blenders, Pulverisers, Disintegrators, Chilling a Refrigeration Plants, Milk Pumps. In addition to above we can also provide motors and geared motors with following extra specialties if required. 380 V, ‘F’ class insulation, 50 degree Celsius ambient temperature, Voltage variation±10%, Frequency variation ± 5%, with Space heaters & Thermisters.)