Geared Motors


REMI ‘NZ’ series geared motors are offered in exhaustive range with output from 012 kW (016 HP) to 30 kW (40 HP) and output speed from 1 .5 RPM to 500 RPM. The complete series consists of ten sizes of two stags and sight sis of three stage gear Boxes for ‘NZ’ series geared motors.

Gear box housing and cover are of high quality graded cast iron and have sturdy internal ribs. Ample dimensions of gear wheels, shafts and ball bearings ensure long life of the gear box. The gear wheels are made of wear-resistant special alloy. They are case hardened by modern hardening process ensuring practically zero distortion during heat treatment. Gear lapping ensures finer high spot removal. Subsequent phosphating improves wear and corrosion resistance properties as also dampen gear noise.

REMI has in-house gear manufacturing, heat treatment facility backed by full fledged machine shop, with state of art CNC machining centres, assembly, testing line and in house electrical motor manufacturing.

REMI ‘NZ’ series geared motors are normally offered with electric motors suitable for 415v ± 10%, 50Hz + 5%, Protection IP55 and class of Insulation is F. Motors for other operating conditions of voltage, frequency etc. can be offered on request. Motors can also be supplied at additional cost with epoxy encapsulation of winding and epoxy paint to withstand operating environment such as high concentration of corrosive chemical gases and vapors.

Helical Geared Motor

Frame: NZA-NZ10
KW Range: 0.12-30
RPM Range: 1.5-500


Custom built special motors
Voltage range 24 – 550 Volts
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz for fixed supply system
Motors for operation on VFD
Brake motors

Dual Speed Motor

Frame: 71-180
KW Range: 0.14/0.25 10.5/12.6
RPM Range: 750/1500, 750/3000, 1000/1500, 1500/3000