Technical Specification

Description Controller/ WC 9526B
Operating Voltage (AC) 159V to 270V
Operating Current for Load
Resistive Load 15 Amp.
Motor Rating
Direct Load 1 HP
Indirect Load*** Any Size
Dry Run Protection Yes
High Voltage Cut-Off (AC) 260V
Low Voltage Cut-Off (AC) 160V
Height (mm) 180
Width (mm) 130
Depth (mm) 55


  • Fully automatic and manual operation.
  • Switches water pump ON when overhead tank is empty and switches off when overhead tank is full.
  • Switches water pump off when sump/well is empty (even while the Overhead Tank is empty) and allow pump to run only when the sump/well is fitted up to the set limit.
  • Switches water pump off when the mains voltage is low or high and allow pump to run only in normal (160V – 260V) mains condition.
  • Switches water pump off when the motor runs dry.
  • Use friendly LED indications for
    • Pump on / Output on :Dry Run
    • Mains Voltage – High :Mains Voltage – Low
    • Sump / Well Empty :Tank Full / Within Limit
    • Manual (Override) :Auto
  • Extremely easy to install and operate.
  • Fit and forget type and no routine maintenance required.
  • Single switch operation for Auto/Off Reset/Manual operations.
  • Compact powder coated, sturdy designer cabinet for durability and elegant appearance and kitchen installation.