Leading pump specialist

Founded in 1956 by Mr.S.M.Desai,New Era Group has grown to be a leading pump specialist company in the southern India today. An expert in pumping technology,the company is one of the top few pump distributors in India that distributes reputable and leading brands and has reacted to high demand for trendsetting pumps and systems with a carefully crafted growth stategy.

Success of  the company

The success of the company is based upon the perfectly coordinated integration of its employee’s which are part of the value chain.From it humble beginnings,New Era Group has developed a national and global exclusive sales network with excellent market knowledge,outstanding product expertise and sound logistic processes, forming the relationship basis with its clients.

Committed to Quality

New Era Group is fully committed to fulfilling every demand in the industry and the desire of the clients. By adopting innovative technical approaches. The company is also architected by a team of highly motivated employees, who are qualified and committed to providing the ultimate in high performances and precision.Central to this professional integrity and responsibility.

The one-stop solution company

Has its product strengths that are unique and exclusive both in performance and sustainability for a wide array of industries, namely ceramic products, chemical processing, oil and gas water supply & irrigation, waste water & sewage treatment disposal, mining, agriculture, electronics, food processing & packaging, marine & shipbuilding, pharmaceutical.